Arrest illegal criminal suspect 18!Guangdong police cracked down on illegal and criminal activities of people smuggling

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Recently, the public security authorities of Guangdong province have continued to crack down on illegal and criminal activities related to human smuggling in accordance with the law, cracking down on 7 illegal and criminal cases and arresting 18 suspects who organized and transported human smuggling. They have notified the local authorities to implement epidemic prevention and management measures for all relevant people.The local public security organs have registered and investigated the above-mentioned persons found in our province who are suspected of organizing the transportation of others to illegally cross the national (frontier) border and hindering the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.Other illegal border crossings will also be investigated and dealt with.The head of the Public security Department of Guangdong province said that the province’s public security organs will maintain a strict crackdown on all kinds of crimes, strengthen police cooperation with relevant provincial and municipal public security organs, and cooperate with relevant parties in epidemic prevention and control.Related: Up to 1 million!In order to effectively prevent imported COVID-19 cases from overseas, the Office of The COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Lufeng City, Guangdong Province, issued a notice on rewards for tips on anti-smuggling and anti-human smuggling on February 17.Rewards of up to 1 million yuan will be offered to people who provide or tip off effective tips.Prior to this, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Jiangmen, Chaozhou, Meizhou and other places in Guangdong have collected relevant tips and will give rewards.Lufeng notice said, earnestly do a good job in the city’s new normalized epidemic prevention and control work, effectively prevent outside outbreaks input from the sea, resolutely prevent illegal entry personnel from the city’s coastal land, increasing people’s feeling, happiness, security, and ensuring high quality of the city’s economic and social development, strive to build a higher level and the peace of lufeng.The general public is hereby encouraged to actively report illegal and criminal activities related to smuggling and smuggling, and the masses who provide and report effective clues will be rewarded with a maximum reward of RMB 1 million.The hotline is Lufeng Public Security Bureau: 110;Anti-smuggling Department: 0660-8519943, Police Officer Yin 19925089905 (wechat);Immigration Department: 0660-8522828, Police Officer Chen 19925089139 (wechat)The specific reward standard shall be implemented in accordance with the Reward Method for reporting crimes related to smuggling and smuggling in Lufeng City (Trial).The notice comes into effect from the date of promulgation and is valid for one year.Cash!On February 16, the COVID-19 prevention and control command office of Zhuhai High-tech Zone issued the first reward for tips on anti-smuggling and anti-human smuggling.It is reported that this is the zhuhai High-tech Zone issued the “anti-smuggling anti-smuggling clues reward notice”, issued the first bonus.On the evening of February 15, the anti-smuggling and anti-smuggling task force of the COVID-19 Prevention and Control Command Office of Zhuhai High-tech Zone successfully captured a group of illegal immigrants based on clues provided by warm-warm-people.Source:, Southern Metropolis Daily, Published by Lufeng, zhuhai High-tech Zone editor: Lin Yu