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In the process of litigation, many people may have doubts about this. What evidence should I prepare and what evidence is useful? Let me tell you the evidence today.One, all their own evidence: 1. Certificate materials to prove the ownership of the house, such as housing ownership certificate, land use certificate, homestead certificate, land contract, business license and tax payment vouchers 2.All kinds of bills to receive compensation, subsidies, incentive fees and other bills.3. Audio-visual materials for the area of their own houses, use of ancillary facilities, it is best to take photos or video to save, such as forced demolition, the first time to call the police and retain the alarm recording, if the police, remember to take the work video of the public security personnel at the scene.When shooting the pictures of forced demolition, focus on finding the personnel who lead the forced demolition team to take pictures, especially to take detailed pictures of the demolition party’s vehicles, it is best to take government leaders (the bigger the better), and the damage after forced demolition, also want to take videos and photos.4. Evidence proving when the house was demolished.5. Articles, equipment, decoration and building materials damaged due to demolition and removal.1. All kinds of documents and announcements issued by the expropriating party, such as announcement of land expropriation, announcement of house expropriation decision, relocation and compensation scheme, relocation and settlement agreement, decision of expropriation and compensation, notice of ordered demolition within a specified time limit (rectification);Planning permit, notice of prior notice of demolition of illegal buildings within a prescribed time limit, written decision of compulsory demolition, notice of order to suspend production or business operation, loss assessment report of production or business operation, application for compulsory execution, etc.2 appraisal Opinions According to the relevant content of the Regulations on the Expropriation and Compensation of Houses on State-owned Land, it can be known that in the process of the expropriation of houses, the real estate price evaluation agency needs to evaluate the expropriated houses and issue relevant evaluation reports.Such evaluation report is an appraisal opinion. The demolished-removed personnel should keep such evidence well, which is the basis for determining the amount of compensation.If the demolishing-removing party makes unreasonable demands, or the demolished-removed personnel have objections to the compensation agreement, they should not sign the agreement or receive any form of compensation.In addition, it is best to keep the original evidence. If there are audio recordings, videos and photos, do not delete the original, but keep the mobile phones and camera cameras used in the shooting.Even if you copy it to your computer, USB drive, or hard drive, do not delete the original.The result of evaluation decides the amount of compensation, so the choice of evaluation organization and the determination of the content of evaluation report should be cautious.If you have different opinions or find any problems, raise them in time and apply for a review.If the demolished-removed personnel and the demolished-removed party have signed a compensation agreement, they must ask for the original of the agreement.Be careful not to sign a blank agreement, the person to be removed may suffer a great loss.Also note that oral agreement is much less effective than written agreement, and the demolition party is likely to not fulfill the commitment.