“I only trust doctors with light in their eyes and love in their hearts.”

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“He drew the most image of the kidney, with the most intuitive way to let me understand the child’s disease, only because of this, I choose to trust him unconditionally, believe in every medical staff here……”On the eve of the Lunar New Year’s Eve in 2021, Dr. Yang Jinlong, a urological surgeon at Wuxi Children’s Hospital, received a thank-you letter for his little patient’s recovery and discharge: “At this time, ON behalf of the children and the family, I would like to express my gratitude to you.””Tudou, who was born in Shanghai, was found to have hydronhydrous kidney after the prenatal examination. I gave birth to him despite doctors’ numerous advice to induce labor, and we were prepared for the worst.”The mother recalled her child’s illness.”For four years, POTATO’s disease weighed me down like a stone, until we came to Wuxi and met Dr. Yang Jinlong.He drew the most vivid kidney and let me understand the child’s illness in the most intuitive way. Because of this, I choose to trust him unconditionally and trust every medical staff here.I don’t care if There are better doctors in Shanghai. I only care if I trust doctors with light in their eyes and love in their hearts.”Yang Jinlong told reporters that about half a year ago, the child from Shanghai to Wuxi to see him for treatment, because the child is young, for hydronephrosis patients, not all need surgery, because some children will slowly recover as they grow older.Half a year later, the examination indicators showed that the child’s condition did not improve, renal function gradually decreased, and the final decision to give surgery.So, parents deliberately choose to come before the winter vacation.In view of the condition of Tudou, When Yang Jinlong first communicated with the father of the child, he used a picture to draw a kidney model, and told him that the child was born because of congenital reasons in the kidney pelvis and ureter connected by a narrow place, resulting in more and more hydronephrosis, urine can not be smooth discharge, affecting the function of the kidney.In the second preoperative conversation, Yang jinlong still drew a kidney and told the parents in detail again, so that they could clearly understand the changes of the disease, how the doctor would do it and what the operation plan was.Eventually, doctors used laparoscopic surgery to cut out the narrow space in the child’s kidney and reanastomose it, reducing the burden on the kidney.Jin-long Yang said that the children’s hospital is mostly young patient, and parents to communicate with them, method and the way is very important, initiative, friendly, and even eyes, action to particular care and attention, it can relieve the strain on the child’s emotions, especially in the face of complex condition, they will do anything to let parents understand,Drawing, writing, video and so on are often used, it has become the norm.This point is also reflected in the letter of thanks from Potato mother: “Your love for children, as a primary school teacher who also deals with children, I can feel, but also see in you your professional, your superb performance in the professional field, as well as noble medical ethics.””At night, you quietly come in to pull water, let me moved;You coax children patiently, let me moved;I was moved by your comfort before surgery;You gave Coke a second life, let me moved……”Yangtse Evening News/Purple Cow news reporter Nana Ji proofread Li Haihui