Qi Guangpu explains why the final jump did not give it a go

2022-09-23 0 By

Chongli, Hebei, February 10, Xinhua News Agency (Reporter Zhu Qing, Xia Liang, Chen Di)China’s Xu Mengtao made a solid performance while Jia Zongyang made a big mistake in the final of the freestyle skiing aerials at the Beijing Winter Olympics on Sunday night. Qi Guangpu, the last one to compete, failed to reach the maximum difficulty of 5.000, and the three veteran skiers lost the silver medal to the United States by 14.12 points.Qi guangpu explained that he did not change the action because he could not know the score when he prepared for the start point.Aerials give each competitor only one chance per round, and some skaters will try harder moves if they are behind in points.In the second round of the medal-deciding final, women’s players of Switzerland and Canada made a series of mistakes on the ground, turning the match into a battle between China and the United States.China’s first xu Mengtao outperformed the American women to open the gap.Christopher Lillis, the second American to compete, upped the bar, hitting a 5.000 and landing a jump to score 135.00.And then the Chinese team Jia Zongyang landing appeared a bigger mistake.After two dives, the teams were separated by 21.81 points.With the AMERICANS scoring 114.48 points on their final dive, China’s pressure was all on Qi Guangpu – if he, like Lillis, hits the 5.000 difficulty routine and plays it perfectly, China still has a chance of winning gold.Qi Guangpu did the movement with the difficulty coefficient of 4.525 in the plan, and got 122.17 points although he completed it well, he was unable to turn the situation around.After the race, Qi explained that he didn’t go to the higher difficulty level not because he didn’t want to, but because he couldn’t see the information on the screen or hear the information from the sound at the start point.”I didn’t really know what the score was going to be before I set off because there were no screens, no sound, and I was just concentrating on my routine and doing my routine well before I set off.”Qi guangpu said.Jia also explained about the start: “We couldn’t see what my teammate was doing, and we didn’t know how he finished, so I didn’t really know at the start. I only knew what the race was like at the finish.”(after)