Suspected of false reporting!Why is the express declaration basketball box shape?Pay attention to the declaration of inbound express

2022-09-23 0 By

The express item was named “basketball”, but the actual item was box-shaped with square overlapping inside.The Pudong Airport customs office of Shanghai Customs recently seized 50 cards of basketball stars suspected of being counterfeited.On the same day, when customs officers were carrying out online checks on inbound shipments, a batch of shipments caught the attention of customs officers on the spot.The parcel name is “basketball” and the declared value is $120.According to the name of the declared product, the image should have been shown as spherical objects, but the actual situation was found to be box-shaped, and there are square overlaps, suspected to be printed matter, on-site customs officers immediately required “offline”.After a thorough inspection, the goods are actually 10 boxes of basketball star cards, a total of 50 pieces.After careful identification, this batch of star card is well made, the card has players jerseys cut pieces, and signed by the players.At present, this batch of goods suspected of forgery has been handed over to relevant departments for further processing.Photo: Basketball star card seized.According to Shanghai Customs, since the fourth quarter of 2021, Pudong Airport customs has detected 3 cases of fake football star cards in express channels, involving more than 3,000 football star cards of various types.The Customs reminds us to truthfully declare the name, price and other information when sending express goods into China, and advises card fans to purchase on formal platforms and merchants to protect their legitimate rights and interests.Source: Xinmin Evening News
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