Tengzhou “Bird’s Nest” ring flyover, county city pioneering, the photographer’s eyes of the beautiful scenery

2022-09-23 0 By

Tengzhou ring flyover is located at the intersection of Jinghe Road and Shanguo Road, tengzhou city, was built in the 1990s, due to the increasing number of cars, mopeds, tricycles, and the old ring flyover, in order to alleviate traffic congestion pressure, began to design and construction in 2013, put into use in January 2014.Because of the new transformation of the ring bridge for steel structure, arc appearance, similar to Beijing “bird’s nest”, it is called tengzhou “Bird’s nest” ring bridge.Each intersection has two entrances and two escalators in addition to the pedestrian staircase.Ring bridge has four entrances and exits, atmospheric shape, arc appearance, very lovely.When shooting, the top is curved, the middle is the building above the ground, and below is the passage.Even on a cloudy day, it’s a good shot.The space of steel structure can also be used to compose the composition with the buildings in the distance, which is also a record of the city street scene. After many years, we can see the changes of The Times.The rain hit the ceiling of the circular flyover, and over time, it also formed a circle of traces, very interesting.8 years of use, the trace of time is more obvious.The escalator may not be used for many days, and fewer and fewer people walk, but the function of the overpass is still there. If it is carefully maintained, it can become a popular card card.