When the tiger comes, the blessing comes!Dingxi City culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau to everyone happy New Year!

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Happy New Year and a Happy family!Bid farewell to the old year and welcome the new.Dingxi City culture, Sports, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau all my colleagues to pay New Year’s greetings to you!Happy New Year to you all!Spring Festival, god rewards those who work hard. Looking back on the past year, we sweat on the way to struggle, overcome a lot of difficulties, harvest a lot of moved, fixed many unforgettable dingxi voice, dingxi moment, Dingxi story!We are busy for a whole year, pay, dedication, but also harvest!Difficult side shows yong Yi, hone shi Yucheng.In the coming Year of the Tiger, let us continue to deepen the integration of culture, sports and tourism, promote high-quality development, adhere to integrity and innovation, work hard, and strive to make new progress in all our work.Tonight, lights on, family reunion.Tomorrow, mountains and rivers beautiful, peaceful country and people!Let’s go to the future together!Wish he shun xiang, happiness!Coordinating editor | | Liu Yuhong audit Li Jinxia