Zhang Zhilin had done the craziest thing to take a 9-hour bus to retrieve first love, emphasizing That Yuan Wing Yi is ideal

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Every episode of “the great wan chai’s night” will cause a lot of topics on the Internet and the punchline, especially zhang and Chen xiao chun,, the punchline of contracting almost everyone every week in the latest issue of the night for the wan chai, zhang talked about his first love and ideal type, full of QiuShengYu appearance let many net friend almost died laughing!A night for the wan chai brothers in a meal, suddenly spoke in active and passive in the “love it”, zhang recalled his done the most crazy things, is young when he flew to Australia to find a man love his girlfriend wanted to save her, he flew to Australia took nine hours bus to find her, the results did not think of the other party know after he came to her, actually is removed overnight!Everyone was expecting a love story, but it turned out to be a comedy.Later the director group in the brothers chat, but also throw a question said young when they own fantasy ideal type, and now the wife is the same, witty Zhang Zhilin immediately found that the director group to set their own “trap” to live seconds online, blurted out the answer “exactly the same”.But zhang did in childhood fantasy “if wife is dependent, and then you hear anything, that may be I want to dream of an ideal type” maybe Zhang Daxian remembered that lens still patting you at this moment, the second QiuShengYu instant online emphasized that “but now I found that my wife is my ideal type” I don’t know why this scene really strange very funny!Besides Zhang Zhilin, the Liang Hanwen on the spot and Chen Xiaochun also do not forget in one after another “show loyalty” said his wife is his ideal model, Chen Xiaochun more said he is to look for the wife of such character as Ying CAI, just do not understand the director group to ask what is the purpose of this problem ah?Is there any other answer?It has to be exactly the same.