Irish Prep application comb

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In Ireland, many students choose Spanish foundation courses because of their language scores.How about Spanish Prep?What are the rules of the Preparatory course for studying abroad in Ireland?Let me give you an introduction.Language score is not required for the preparatory course: you can not submit the actual IELTS or TOEFL score, but you must have a basic level of language. In order to better verify this basic level, colleges may ask you to submit some essays when certifying your materials, but if there is a language score, it is likely to be more influential.College preparatory school admission norms: it should be said that every college or school has different norms, but the key is probably the following aspects: China’s ordinary high school has long graduated from university, excellent results;Ielts 4-5 or equivalent;The effect of learning and training is continuous development of college life for students aged between 18 and 20.Apply for preparatory course should compare apply for language school to have difficulty coefficient: but if can obtain college preparatory employ (need not go up language school first), visa is dealt with will be separated solve, suffer enter oneself for an examination school and pay of master graduate student is same.Not many people to prep factors are likely to have the following several aspects: not all junior high school graduates can have immediately enter oneself for an examination record in English college prep level, according to statistics, only these general colleges and universities choose in ordinary high school classroom teaching in English classroom teaching, or is students own period of high school students learning English very well just can apply for to;In addition, some students have little knowledge of Spanish culture and education, and run into teachers who are not responsible enough to strongly recommend the best way to students.If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me anywhere!To learn more